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Semiconductor Programming


Whether you need a few building blocks as samples, a pilot run or a continuously high production need, we can meet your requests.

cps-Programmier-Service Programmierung
  • Programming according to data or master with simultaneous monitoring through a central database
  • 100% traceability of each component and batch, from receipt of goods to the customer’s production line
  • Continuously updated programming algorithms with version controls of the used algorithms following each sample release
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) ensures complete transparency and traceability for each assignment including planning and history
  • Initial sampling with initial sampling testing report
  • Lean-Scanning / 3D-coplanarity check
  • Dry-Bake / Dry-Pack 
  • Programming from/to Tube, Tray, Tape
  • Datensicherheit durch Sicherheitskonzept
  • Planning security through seamless machine statistics
  • Marking of components (Laser/Label)
  • Packaging in accordance with JEDEC J-STD-033B


  • High performance, fully automated machines from reputable manufacturers
  • High-speed flash programming systems
  • Programming adaptor for all components
  • Networked data structures and process control | Monitoring of all process steps with proprietary PDE software


  • Comprehensive project handling
  • Integrated process control and monitoring of all process steps
  • 100% Traceability of each component and production batch, from receipt of goods to production at the customer
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) to ensure full transparency


  • Storage and temporary storage
  • Consignment warehouse, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Global delivery service Just-in-Time, Ship-to-Line, Kanban
  • Automated flow of goods