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Tape & Reel

Separation | Defines Positioning | Taping | 100 % Traceability | 24/7 Production
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Semiconductor Programming

Programming | Handling | Assembling | 100% Traceability | 24/7-Production
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Consulting | Planning | Simulation | Programming | Commissioning | Service | Training
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cps Group

Security for your Production

Get your tailored services around industrial manufacturing.

The cps Programmier-Service GmbH provides services for industrial manufacturing: Programming of electronic components, handling and packaging of electronic parts, packaging of bulk materials, stampings and special forms, logistics and supply management systems. cps Programmier-Service GmbH was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Lindhorst. Today cps is a business company, which serves customers worldwide in the fields of automotive, industrial automation and manufacturers of consumer products. cps is large enough to be a reliable partner for international companies, but small enough to live flexibility and customer orientation day.

Taping and Packaging

Fully automated taping of punch parts reduces production costs and the assembly of parts from tiny size up to complex form factors is processible.

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